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Customer Reviews

Teacher: Mrs. Xiao Jing

Comment: This well developed online teaching and learning platform saves Mandarin teachers time and energy from less preparation so that they can focus on the delivery of the lessons. Unlike most modern foreign languages, ready-made Mandarin teaching resources tailored for the British curriculum are very limited. This product certainly fills the gap in the market. All lessons combine listening, speaking, reading and writing together in a consistent way with a simple user-friendly interface, aiming at gradual and efficient progress.


Teacher: Mrs. Ming Hong

Comment: 我个人而言,很喜欢iPandarin。它给我的教学带来了极大的方便。可以把做PPT和判作业的时间省下来,做对教学更有用的调研。我的学生们也特别喜欢这种教学方式。上课的时候,大家都能轻松自如地参加,其乐无穷。如果学生们偶尔有事情错过了上课,他们也可以回家后自学。软件本身很容易上手。如果万一碰到问题,iPandarin的服务也特别好,都可以达到及时解决。从来没有耽误我用过。我强烈推荐老师们尝试一下。它真的可以减少很多备课时间,让我们日子容易起来。


Teacher: Mrs. Yin

Comment:The SOW iPandarin has developed is based on the new syllabus of GCSE. The PPT was designed to make teacher’s planning easier and students’ learning more fun. There is also a range of exercise ready to be used as classwork or homework. Unlike many materials, this is a set of resources specially created for UK classrooms. It also provides a platform for Chinese teacher to share ideas. I highly recommend it.


Teacher: Mrs. Liu

Comment:最近两堂课带着学生,我们试用了iPandarin,相比以前地课堂,学生地积极性大大提高,全程积极用脑,抢着答题。因为iPandarin课件内容之作得逻辑明确,思路清晰,符合岛上小孩从小学至中学他们在课堂上训练出来地思维认知习惯(learning by doing, learning with pictures)。其中很多环节如“新词介绍”,每一个词对应地配图都很讲究,组句环节“pinyin on”和“pinyin off”是我比较喜欢用来测试高年级学生地“隐藏技能”,对他们来说既是挑战也是惊喜。作为老师,感觉iPandarin最好地方是为汉字书写教学提供了很好地教学示范,不仅有单个字笔序动画演示,还有形象记忆配图,小孩子在一边凭兴趣记图,一边靠手划跟写这样肢体动作记忆地过程中,顶多两遍就能非常快记住一个字,甚至还出现互相之间竞写比快地两性竞争学习状态,完全陷入一种“主动学习,无法自拔”的状态,学习效果看得见,成绩喜人,相比以前,课堂有“massive progress”(旁观听课的老师说),谢谢iPandarin带给孩子们更多学习中文的快乐,协助我优化课堂教学,同我分享一个团队的智慧。谢谢Carrie!谢谢你们!(马恩岛巴拉克明中学汉教Vivian)


Teacher: Mrs. Zhang Xue

Comment: iPandarin不仅产品很棒,服务也是一流的!祝你们地产品越来越完善,成为全球业界最优秀地。

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